Gambling Legality & Status in Spain

As of May 28, 2011 Gambling in Spain just became easier historically the government sectioned gambling in to 17 regions with each region controlling the rules and regulation the games of chance. The money spent on gambling in Spain is as high as many of the European countries. On May 28, 2011 it became easier to use electronic gambling or online gambling. The law encompasses lotteries, betting, raffles including those games online that are based outside of Spain.

This is good news for Spanish citizens who love to gamble. Those who wish to provide gambling games in Spain to the Spanish citizens must obtain a license. At this time vendors who supply gaming servers outside of Spain also need to obtain licenses even if the servers or located outside of Spain. In the future these individuals may need to have servers located in the country to ensure that all taxes and fees have been met.

At this time there are limits on how many licenses and the companies that are legalized to operate in Spain must be Spanish companies, with the exception of online dot. Coms. The .coms must be able to operate under Spanish control and laws. The government is at this time relying on the owners of the games to report income for taxing purposes. Local regions may add a 20 upcharge to the amounts it charges to the gamers for tax purposes.

The Spanish government has set guidelines on taxation of the gamers and will be monitored by the government. There are still issues that the government will address and make changes accordingly to adjust and continue to update all parties involved. Gambling in Spain is a big Market and the Government wants to ensure fair practices for all concerned. Other governments will be watching the outcome with interest.